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Marblehead, Ma





The Steamy Wonder

Steam Tent

 combined with a massage has incredible health and beauty benefits. The Steam relaxes your muscles, clears sinuses, releases stress, flushes out toxins, detoxifies, reduces puffiness and bloating, hydrates and refreshes skin, promotes weight loss, improves circulation, boosts immune system, and so many more benefits! You will feel incredible when you leave that's a guarantee!


Replenish at Massage and Company

Massage and Company offers premier spa treatment services in Lynn and Marblehead, MA. Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or just escape from the trials of a long day, Massage and Company offers a retreat tailored to your specific needs.

Step into a relaxing environment with a soothing ambiance and let us pamper you. The tranquil sounds of silence or soft peaceful music help you connect with your inner beauty. At Massage and Company serenity and repose are sedatives for happiness.

Why Choose Us?

At Massage and Company we believe in having the most highly skilled professional beauty specialists we can find. Our friendly and informative approach to beauty & spa is the hallmark of our service.

Contact us to find out how we can bring joy into your every day.